The Right Tent for Your Next Home and Garden Show


The Right Tent for Your Next Home and Garden Show

modern home back patio and yard

Now that Labor Day weekend is upon us, many people are turning their minds to fall and all the projects that they want to get done inside their homes during the season. While the time for outdoor events such as home and garden shows is coming to an end this year, you may still have… read more

Add a Canopy to Your Backyard

As a homeowner, you take great pride in your home, whether it’s the updates you’ve made in the kitchen or how you’ve extended the living space into the backyard. At Impact Canopy, we love working with businesses, but we also enjoy helping homeowners find the perfect custom canopy for their backyard. If you’re looking for… read more

Market Your New Business With Outdoor Flags

Opening a new business can be both exciting and stressful, and one of the biggest hurdles any owner has to face is marketing that business. You may have built a great website, and your business cards are ready to go, but what about marketing to people who will drive or walk by your new location?… read more

The Perfect Canopy for Your Craft Beer Event

Summer is the perfect time for craft beer, and if you own a local brewery, then you might be planning an event for late summer/early fall. You’ve been working on new brews all season long, and you want people to try what you’ve made before summer is over. If you’re hosting a special event at… read more

Is Your Grand Opening This Summer?

For a business owner, there’s not too many things that are more exciting than a grand opening. If you’ve been working hard to open a store, a restaurant, or any other type of business, then the grand opening marks the official beginning of a new phase in your life. At Impact Canopy, we can help… read more

A Canopy for Your School Event This Summer

Summer is a time for kids to have a break from school, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t school-related events that happen during the season! School teams and clubs often have summer fundraisers to collect money for the upcoming school year, since educational budgets don’t always cover everything a group needs. At Impact Canopy, we… read more

New Flags for Food Truck Season

Summer is in full swing around the country, and with the warmer weather comes pool parties outdoor festivals, and one of our favorite things — food truck season! The various food trucks and carts in your area are beginning to appear on corners and at street festivals, and you can’t wait to try your favorites,… read more

Keep the Wind and Weather Out of Your Art Event

Summer is a great time for outdoor art festivals, and if you’re someone who regularly exhibits at these shows, then you know the importance of displaying your work in the best way possible. You may specialize in painting, sculpture, or another medium, and as you’re setting up your booth, you want to make sure people… read more

Which Is The Cooler Canopy Top?

Impact Canopies - Which is Cooler

With summer approaching, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors. Whether we have sporting events, hitting the beach, or a day at the park, there is one thing they all have in common. Much needed shade from the harsh summer sun. With that on our minds, there comes a question – is a black or white… read more

Road Race Coming Up? Find Custom Flags, Inflatables, and More

Summer is a great time for road races, and if you’re in charge of organizing one of these events, then you’re likely looking for custom flags, inflatables, and much more for the race course. At Impact Canopy, we can supply everything you need for your starting line, course route, and finish line. We have a… read more