Market Your New Business With Outdoor Flags

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Market Your New Business With Outdoor Flags

Opening a new business can be both exciting and stressful, and one of the biggest hurdles any owner has to face is marketing that business. You may have built a great website, and your business cards are ready to go, but what about marketing to people who will drive or walk by your new location?… read more

New Flags for Food Truck Season

Summer is in full swing around the country, and with the warmer weather comes pool parties outdoor festivals, and one of our favorite things — food truck season! The various food trucks and carts in your area are beginning to appear on corners and at street festivals, and you can’t wait to try your favorites,… read more

Road Race Coming Up? Find Custom Flags, Inflatables, and More

Summer is a great time for road races, and if you’re in charge of organizing one of these events, then you’re likely looking for custom flags, inflatables, and much more for the race course. At Impact Canopy, we can supply everything you need for your starting line, course route, and finish line. We have a… read more