At Impact Canopy, we love providing businesses with the custom canopy tents they need to promote their brands and make an impression on potential customers. While we know how much this could potentially benefit your business, not everyone is aware of the distinct advantage a custom canopy tent can give you over the competition. Here are just some of the many benefits to custom canopy tents for your business.

Attracts attention to your business

Most importantly, a custom canopy tent can help your business stand out at any kind of event, whether it is a trade show, festival, farmers market, or sporting event. At Impact Canopy, we use high quality ink and fabric to ensure that your branding looks clean, crisp, and inviting. Potential customers will flock to your stand when you have a high quality custom canopy tent from Impact Canopy!

Easy to transport and install

Our custom canopy tents are also very easy to transport. When your shelter is not convenient to travel with, you dread heading to the next trade show. This can have a detrimental effect on your business. However, with the ease of use that comes with our custom canopy tents, you never have to worry about the logistics of setting up your shelter at an event; you know it will be a simple process, so you can focus on attracting customers to your business.

Durable in any conditions

Not only are our custom canopy tents easy to transport and use, they are also extremely durable. If there is rain at an outdoor festival, some vendors may have to pack up and leave, but not you when you have a custom canopy tent from Impact Canopy! Our reliable, water-repellent and UV-coated tents ensure that rain or shine, you can represent your business at any event.

Customizable to your needs

Many companies may claim to offer custom canopy tents, but provide limited options in terms of size and color. Not only can Impact Canopy create a tent with your logo and branding, we offer a wide variety of sizes and colors from which you can choose.


Custom canopy tents are not just for trade shows. Once you customize a canopy tent for your business, the possibilities will open up for events you can attend. Some potential places where you may use your custom canopy tent include street festivals, sporting events, swap meets, farmers markets, in-store promotional events, concerts, and parties. The diverse range of potential uses for your custom canopy tent makes it a great investment for your business.


On top of all of the other benefits to using custom canopy tents for your business, this is also an investment that won’t break the bank. At Impact Canopy, we pride ourselves on providing beautiful, high quality custom tents for reasonable prices. Not only can these tents bring in new customers to your business, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

Now that you know the many benefits of custom canopy tents, are you ready to make a smart investment in your business? If you are, shop Impact Canopy today. We can provide the custom canopy tent you need to make your business stand out from the crowd.

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