For a business owner, there’s not too many things that are more exciting than a grand opening. If you’ve been working hard to open a store, a restaurant, or any other type of business, then the grand opening marks the official beginning of a new phase in your life. At Impact Canopy, we can help you find custom tents, flags, and more so that you can give your customers an experience they won’t soon forget.

Registration and Prize Tents

As people arrive at your grand opening, you may want them to register their names so you know how many attended the event. You can also use this as an opportunity to have people sign up for a newsletter or put their name in for a big prize. Giveaways are always a big draw for grand openings, and if people know that there’s a chance for free stuff, then there’s a better chance they’ll show up.


Swag Tents

Speaking of free stuff, no grand opening is complete without swag. “Swag” stands for “stuff we all get,” and you can hand out t-shirts, frisbees, and all sorts of gifts in your goodie bags. People who come for the opening will love taking home something unique, and a t-shirt with your logo on it can be the perfect free advertising for your store or restaurant. You can set up tents for each different kind of swag, or put up one big canopy and have everything in a single spot.

Game Stations

Since your grand opening is during the summer, people will be outside enjoying the warm weather. While you want people to come inside your business, you also want to give them something to do while they’re outdoors. Setting up game stations in your parking lot can be a great way to entice passers-by into checking out what’s going on. Simple games like ring toss or cornhole can be a great way to pass the time before people shop or come inside to try something on your menu.

Food Tents

If you’re a new restaurant owner, then most of the food will be inside. However, if you’re opening a retail store or a business that offers a new service, then food and drink at your grand opening are a must. Even if all you’re doing is handing out bottles of water or candy, a tent can be a great way to keep everything out of the heat and to provide some shade for your customers. If you’re going all out and serving hot dogs and hamburgers, then you’ll definitely want tents for ordering, serving, and dining areas.

Order Your Tent Today

At Impact Canopy, we love helping new businesses with their grand opening events, and a custom tent can be a great way to showcase your brand. You can set up multiple tents in front of your business for prizes, games, food, and more, and people who come to the event will love how much you have to offer. You can generate interest for your new enterprise, and hopefully people will take about your business for weeks to come.

We look forward to helping you!

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