Impact Canopy - 2024

25 Years Of Excellence

25years is a lifetime for some and a personal milestone for others.

In business, however, 25 Years represents a significant achievement that not many companies experience. For us, we’ve not only met the milestone, we are thriving and I'm so proud to have guided Impact Canopy on this 25 year journey.

The business of Impact Canopy began in Canada in 1999 and has sustainably grown to become a leading corporation within our specialized event branding marketplace. My appreciation to both customers and staff I have worked with along the way, is immeasurable.

There have been great milestones and significant challenges during this journey. From being a Vancouver Olympic WINTER Games Sponsor in 2010, to victoriously defending the Impact Canopy brand from an attack by ex staff,  we remained committed to integrity and doing what is right. I am grateful to all that have contributed in building and maintaining the positive “Impact Culture”.

Impact remains one of the very few companies that manufactures products in their own facility in North America, (USA). Our sustainability does not solely rely upon overseas factories

Over Impact's lifetime, together we have experienced numerous global circumstances.

  • 9-11 
  • Covid 19 Pandemic
  • Dot Com Bubble “crash” in 2000
  • Housing Market “crash” in 2008
  • Tragic Global Wars
  • Natural Disasters:

- California Fires
- Quebec Ice Storms
- Hurricane Katrina
- Hurricane Sandy

There have been:

  • 5 USA Presidents
  • 4 Canadian Prime Ministers

Impact staff and families together have:

  • Welcomed Over 97 Children
  • Celebrated 23 College Graduations
  • Grieved Devastating Family Losses
  • Overcome Serious Health Issues

Through all the good and the bad, Impact has managed to expand to become a truly global brand - Uruguay, Korea, Australia, Mexico, Pureto Rico, China, Tiawan, Panama, Costa Rica, UAE, Argentina, UK, France, Germany, Austria, and more.

I am thrilled that this journey has fostered many positive personal and business relationships; I have grown and the company has grown into a relevant entity with legs. We are only walking forward.

Thanks again, 

Mike Ohirko
Impact Canopy Global