Roadmap to a Great Canopy Design

Outline: Roadmap to a Great Canopy Design

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Publish Date: [January 2020]

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Roadmap to a Great Canopy Design

When you’re looking to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your events, the natural place to begin is with the most important item in your arsenal - Your Event Set Up.  Properly designing your custom-printed canopy for optimal exposure will increase traffic to your booth and boost awareness of your brand. We polled industry veterans for their top tips for creating pop-up canopy designs that will get you noticed.

Peaks are the beacons.

The peaks are the upper triangular sections of your canopy top.  They are the largest area of printed fabric which make them perfect for images, but not for text. Use the peaks as your "brand introduction".  Place the most recognizable graphic or logo on the peaks for maximum exposure.

Canopy peaks can be seen from the furthest distance, so keeping the graphics simple and clean will help the visibility.  While adding decorative elements will make your design more attractive to your audience, avoid too much text or small images on the peaks as they will distract from the impact.  Think of the canopy peak design as a beacon to your audience. The canopy peak design will also be the most visible in photos of the event. So, make it count!

Pro Tip: Be sure your image is placed high on the peak to prevent it from being lost in the natural slope of the canopy top.

Valances are the billboards.

Imagine you have the opportunity to advertise on a billboard on the busiest highway in the world, what would you place there? That's the type of message you want on your valance.  The valances are the vertical sections of the canopy top that hang over the sides of your pop-up frame. Valances are typically 14” - 18” high and display your brand message at the sweet spot - “just above eye level”.  

The valances are well suited for text or graphics.  The valances are your chance to address attendees walking by and standing in front of your booth.  Try alternating the design of your valances. Consider using your tagline on the front and back valance.  Then print your website and social media handles on the side valances.

Pro Tip:  Event attendees are more apt to connect with you if you give them a QR code to easily access your website.  The valance is the perfect spot!

Accessories are the FUN!

Add personality to your booth with full color printed flags mounted to the legs of your pop-up canopy.  The flags provide an elevated area to promote your brand. Again, steer clear of text-heavy designs on your flag.  Just a simple word or graphic on an eye-catching background will offer the most visual effect.

Looking for a space to display product images or features?  Consider adding a back wall to your printed pop-up tent. The back wall of a 10x10 canopy provides over 70 square feet of prime advertisement area. 

Pro Tip:  Print your back wall with a photo booth style graphic that visitors can use to take selfies.  This will increase traffic to your booth and also increase your social media marketing  

Optimize the peaks for distance viewing and the valance for your up close and personal audience.  Then accessorize your booth for maximum impact. This will create the most effective canopy design and give you the most ROI.  With these great tips your custom pop-up canopy will not only provide your staff with shelter from the elements, but will also promote your brand effectively.  

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