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Ball State University Colored 10x10Ball State University Colored 10x10
Saint Joseph’s College Colored 10x10Saint Joseph’s College Colored 10x10
University of Southern Indiana Colored 10x10University of Southern Indiana Colored 10x10
Purdue University Northwest Colored 10x10Purdue University Northwest Colored 10x10
Oakland City University Colored 10x10Oakland City University Colored 10x10
University of Indianapolis Colored 10x10University of Indianapolis Colored 10x10
Valparaiso University Colored 10x10Valparaiso University Colored 10x10
Purdue University Colored 10x10Purdue University Colored 10x10
University of Notre Dame Colored 10x10University of Notre Dame Colored 10x10
Indiana University at Bloomington Colored 10x10Indiana University at Bloomington Colored 10x10
Indiana State University Colored 10x10Indiana State University Colored 10x10
University of Evansville Colored 10x10University of Evansville Colored 10x10
Butler University Colored 10x10Butler University Colored 10x10

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