When you own a retail store, there are certain tricks to promoting your products. One is a point-of-purchase, or POP, display. You might use your POP display for several different reasons, and if it is well-executed, you can see a great return on investment. In this blog, we will go over key factors to consider so you can enhance your POP display.

Your Target Demographic

In marketing of all kinds, it is best to have a target demographic in mind when you design your campaign. Whatever audience you have in mind, your POP display should reflect their interests and buying habits. Every choice you make for your display, from the graphics you use to the height you choose, should be targeted to a specific audience.

Eye-catching Graphics

If you want people to stop and look at your POP display, the key here is to catch their eyes. You can accomplish this with bold graphics. Keep in mind that when your customer is in your retail store, their eyes are drawn all over the place, whether to your products or to their smartphones. When the graphics of your POP display are bold and attention-grabbing, they will draw your customer’s eye away from the many distractions around them. It is wise to have a professional graphic designer to draw up the design for your display, as they have a greater understanding of what will attract attention.

Take it to New Heights

Height plays an important role in POP displays. Whatever your target demographic, you should cater the height of your display to their standard height. This ensures that your display will meet the eyes of your target audience, making it more likely that your POP display will be successful. You may have noticed this tactic in grocery stores, which feature their sugary snacks on lower shelves so that children see them. Additionally, any foods that are quick to expire are placed prominently to ensure that they are sold quicker. When you design your display, be sure to keep the height in line with the standard height of your ideal audience to maximize your sales.

Placement in Your Store

The placement of your POP display also has a lot to do with your success. If you have noticed these displays in your local grocery store, you may have noticed that they tend to be near the cash register; this is ideal for promoting impulse purchases. However, you can also incorporate several more displays throughout your store by putting them in aisles that receive the most foot traffic. When your POP display is strategically placed, it doesn’t even need to be very large: as long as there is a high volume of traffic, plenty of people will see the display and will take the leap to purchase the product.


If you are going to invest in POP displays, keep in mind that it has to be worth the investment. Low-quality displays are not likely to give you the ROI you seek. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg on a display, but you want to ensure that your display has high-quality graphics and is expertly printed. When you need signage for your retail store, shop Impact Canopy. We offer custom canopies, banners, flags, and more to attract the attention of your customers for your POP display.

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