So you’ve taken your business to a trade show, and you are considering making an in-booth presentation. While this can be a powerful tool for your business, it must be done right. A good trade-show in-booth presentation can attract new customers to your business and generate buzz for your brand. A bad trade-show in-booth presentation can cause more harm than good if it is boring or irrelevant. In this blog, we will give you some tips to set you up for success for your next trade show presentation.


Your Material

Before you even begin planning your presentation, consider whether or not you have anything to say. You may be excited by the prospect of presenting about your business, but if the content of your presentation is outdated or boring, it is only going to detract people from visiting your booth and it could be damaging to your brand. Start by assessing what your presentation will be about, and whether or not other people will be interested in it. A great way to do this is to consider what your current customers like about your products and company. This will give you a good idea of the main benefits you offer consumers. It’s important to keep your presentation focused, so be sure you have a key message developed before you start your presentation. You don’t have to read off a script, but having an idea of your main message and talking points will keep your presentation more interesting. Here are some topics to consider when deciding the material of your presentation.

New products

Do you have a new product that could be demo-ed during your presentation? This is the perfect place to start when it comes to trade show presentations because it gives you a real purpose. Consumers will come visit your booth out of curiosity about the new product, particularly if they are already familiar with your brand. If it is not a new product, it may be a new feature on an old product, or a new marketing campaign.

Disprove misconceptions

Alternatively, there may be misconceptions about your products, industry, or brand that you would like to address. A trade-show presentation could be the perfect forum for you to address these myths while attracting attention for your business. If there are any persistent rumors about your business, whether it is specifically about your brand or just the service or product you provide, it could generate the buzz you need and give you a platform to defend yourself.


Once you have figured out what you will be presenting on, it is time to prepare yourself. First, choose who will be leading the presentation. It could be you, one of your employees, a specialist in your product, a customer, or a presenter. It’s important that regardless of who presents, they understand exactly what they are signing up for and are willing to practice. It doesn’t matter if they are a seasoned presenter; if you want control over your message, it’s pertinent for you to know exactly how the presentation will go. This doesn’t mean simply running the show a few times a few minutes before it is set to begin. The presenter should memorize exactly what they are saying. Then, at the trade show, it is essential that they practice in the space, utilizing any visual or audio tools to make sure that it runs smoothly. This gives them the opportunity to polish any rough patches, and deal with any technical difficulties before it’s too late.

If you don’t have anyone on staff willing to do this, you can look into hiring talent. There are presenters who specialize in trade-show marketing, and there are often talent agencies listed in the material you get before the show. There are even some agencies that can write the script and develop the slides for you.

The Setting

Next, consider where you will be making this presentation. You want to make sure that it is visible from the aisles so that it attracts the attention of attendees. You also need to be sure that your display and sound are of a high quality to add to your sense of professionalism and authority. Consider how loud your presentation will be as well; you don’t want it to be so loud as to disturb attendees, but it shouldn’t be so quiet that no one knows a presentation is being made. Consider that the industry standard is a maximum of 90 decibels for these types of presentations.

Additionally, give your audience somewhere comfy to sit. You don’t need luxury seating for a short presentation; just something that allows them to rest their tired feet for a moment. Consider that you are likely confined to your booth for this presentation, so make a contingency plan for spillover. If there are too many people blocking the aisle, security may have to come and encourage people to keep moving past your booth.



Finally, consider how you will promote your presentation. If you want to draw traffic to your booth, send out invitations to your presentation in advance, either via email or snail mail. Advertise on your website and social media channels, and be sure to include if you plan on giving away gifts or other promotional materials. At the show, advertise your presentation at your booth, and make sure to blast it out on social media platforms like Twitter before you start presenting.

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