How many outdoor events is your company doing this summer? Summer brings a lot of unique opportunities for business marketing, whether it’s an outdoor music festival, a local craft show, or a county fair. If you want to find more customers, attending these outdoor events is a great way to gain exposure and introduce people to your products and services in person. These events can be a lot of work, though, and making them a success for your business means being well prepared before the event gets started.

In order to help you focus on making the next outdoor marketing even a success, we’ve prepared this packing list so you can be sure you have everything you need before you pull into the parking lot.

Packing List for Outdoor Marketing Events

Customized canopy.

You can be sure of one thing when it comes to an outdoor event: the weather is going to play an important role. In all likelihood, it’s either going to be scorching hot or pouring rain. A customized canopy will provide your team and your potential customers with some cover and help people start to quickly identify your brand.

Marketing materials.

There is no point in going to an outdoor event if you can share about your products and services! Make sure you have things like business cards, pamphlets, and brochures about your company and how you can help potential customers. Just make sure you are handing them out to customers who actually seem interested or else it’s going to be a waste of money.

Company swag.

The best way to get people to come into your booth and talk to your team is to give them something for free. The bonus for you is that you get to talk to more people and put your name in front of their eyes, potentially on a daily basis. That makes any cost involved in getting giveaway swag negligible. Get things that are actually useful, like pens, flashlights, multiuse tools, or coffee cups.

Personal comfort items.

Outdoor events can be incredibly fun for your team and rewarding for your business. They can also be a lot of work. Make sure your team has everything they need to stay comfortable and ready to talk to the next potential customer. Pack things like bottled water, snacks, folding chairs, and even battery-operated mini fans to help them stay cool. A first aid kit can come in handy, too.

We’ll Take Care of the Custom Canopy For You

If you are heading into a busy outdoor event season, the time to order your custom canopy is now. Give our team a call and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need. Our canopies are suitable for all weather types, are super durable, and set up and tear down easily so they make your company stand out while giving your team and your potential customers the shelter that they need. We’ll work with you on your custom design! Get in touch with us today to start your custom canopy order.

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