If you plan on attending any tradeshows, promotional events, or summer festivals, you have probably thought about the most effective way to promote your business or brand. One of the easiest ways to set yourself apart from your competition at tradeshow events is by effectively branding your booth or display with custom-designed graphics. By drawing in visitors through the use of custom visuals, you not only promote your brand, but you also create new leads that have the potential to convert into paying customers.

Throughout this article, we’ll talk about the different models of canopy tents we offer at Impact Canopies while highlighting their different uses. If you are considering purchasing a custom canopy tent for promotional purposes, get in touch with our friendly staff at Impact Canopies! We work with customers to help them find the perfect make and model for their business while providing free, personalized price quotes in less than 24 hours. Read more below to see why Impact Canopies is the leading provider of promotional structures to businesses nationwide.

Custom Canopy with Walls

Looking for an effective way to display your brand with minimal cost? Consider a custom canopy tent from Impact Canopies. Easily maximize your brand visibility with the option to add one, two, or three walls to your canopy tent. Each wall added is capable of displaying additional logos, slogans, or other custom graphics to promote your brand for maximum exposure. Custom canopy tents are a great choice for small and large businesses alike, and feature water-repellent properties which make them exceptional for outdoor events as well as indoor events.

Custom Canopy with Walls and Mid-Zip Wall

Similar to walled custom canopies, mid-zip canopies are great for promotional events or tradeshows where you would like your visitors to be fully immersed in your brand. Mid-zip canopies draw visitors in and can be used to inform potential customers about your brand by offering promotional samples or products. Impact Canopies’ mid-zip wall canopy is an excellent choice for businesses that plan on attending an outdoor event where weather may be less than ideal. Just like our walled canopy options, the mid-zip canopy is water repellent and UV coated to protect its material from extended periods of sun exposure.

Custom Canopy with Rail Skirts

Unique rail skirts added to our custom canopies are a great way to implement additional flair to your promotional tent. Impact Canopies’ rail skirts feature extra space for company logos, slogans, branded imagery, product photos, and much more. Side rails also act as an effective barrier to keep your inventory or additional items hidden from potential customers. This creates a much cleaner look and feel that visitors will be sure to take notice of. If you’re looking for a promotional tent that is equipped with the proper features to make your company look presentable and professional, the custom canopy with rail skirts is a great choice for your business needs.

Custom Canopy for Food Service

If you work in the foodservice industry, you have probably considered getting your business noticed by attending outdoor events like fairs or festivals. Events like carnivals and summer block parties are a great way for caterers and food companies to expand their brand while gaining new customers. The custom food service canopy from Impact Canopies was designed with restaurateurs in mind, as its fully enclosed structure is perfect for keeping pesky insects at bay. The custom food service canopy features two convenient windows which can be used as ordering and pickup windows, or can be used to create two simultaneous lines for expedited service. If you are attending an outdoor event to serve food to visitors, the custom food service canopy from Impact Canopies is equipped to handle jobs both small and large.

As a vendor, planning for promotional events can be hectic and stressful. It is essential to have a well-branded structure at any event you plan to attend, so that visitors are more likely to remember your business and convert to paying customers. If you are in need of a custom designed canopy tent, flag, inflatable, or any other promotional item, contact Impact Canopies today. We’ve helped countless business owners grow their brand with stunning promotional structures that are designed to last for years to come. To request your free design quote, visit our website today!

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