Whether you are a large business needing a custom promotional tent created for your next expo, or a small business owner who frequents your local Saturday Farmer’s Market, there are a wide variety of reasons you should consider purchasing a canopy tent from Impact Canopy. Promotional tents can catch the attention of those passing by, as well as foot traffic from far away, thanks to custom logo printing and color combinations which are available for you to choose from our online store. Throughout this article, we will highlight a number of key features that make Impact Canopy promotional tents stand out from our competition, while discussing how each feature can be beneficial to the success of your business.

Impact Canopy is the leading provider of custom canopies, dome tents, large structures, promotional flags and banners, and so much more. All our products are available for our customers to personalize, so that your business can be put on display for all to see at your event or expo of choice. We have worked across a broad spectrum of industries, allowing us a specialized knowledge and expertise unmatched by our competition. Not only are our custom promotional tents as aesthetic as they are affordable, we also provide free, personalized quotes to all prospective customers within a 24-hour period. To learn why you should consider purchasing an Impact Canopy custom canopy tent for your next event, continue reading more below.

Custom Canopy Features

Flame Retardant

In order for our custom canopy tents to become CPAI-84 and NFPA 701 compliant, the fabrics used to make our tents had to undergo stringent fire retardant testing. According to the NFPA, the NFPA 701 compliance standards consists of testing a fabric’s resistance to ignition which is tested by measuring results after exposing the fabric to an open flame for 12 seconds. The NFPA 701 test measures characteristics such as char length, flame duration, and many other variables. CPAI-84, however, effectively measures the total flame resistance a fabric possesses, which makes these compliance standards essential if your company serves food at events around the country.

Denier Polyester

A measure of fiber thickness, denier ratings are crucial to the overall quality of your custom canopy tent. To give you a point of reference, microfiber fabrics generally have a denier rating of less than one. This means that the fabric is an incredibly fine material, which is perfect for those looking for soft bed sheets. However, custom canopy tents require a denier rating much higher to ensure that your tent lasts through the most extreme elements. That’s why our canopy tents are fabricated from polyester with a denier rating of 500. Not only will our durable polyester protect your tent from fine rips and tears, it will also be able to sustain gusts of wind and other inclement weather conditions.

UV Protection

While many think that they may be protected under a canopy tent from the sun’s UV rays, the truth is that some of the sun’s UV rays are capable of penetrating canopy tents. At Impact Canopy, however, our custom canopy tents offer 100-percent UV protection, ensuring that you can escape the sun during long periods of outdoor activity and events. Not only do our promotional tents protect users from UV rays, they also fight fabric discoloration which can sometimes be found in lesser quality tents that experience long periods of sun exposure. Our 100-percent, UV-protected canopies will ensure that your tent maintains its true colors, allowing countless uses without deteriorating from its stellar condition.

Water Repellent

If you live in an area that receives an exorbitant amount of rain, such as the Pacific Northwest, you know just how detrimental water or moisture can be to the integrity of your canopy’s fabric. While consistent rain can damage or discolor tent canopies, it is also capable of introducing mold or mildew into the canopy’s fabric, causing unsightly mold stains and unpleasant smells from the fabric not being properly protected from the elements. We know that some weather is unavoidable, and that you will eventually have to place your tent in the rain. That’s why all our custom canopy tents are extremely water repellent and provide users with the most in protection from water, mildew, and rot.

Multiple Available Sizes

At Impact Canopy, we know that custom tents are not a one-size-fits-all product. We work with companies both small and large alike, and as such, offer several different custom canopy sizes to choose from. Our canopy sizes range from five feet in length and width, to twenty feet in length and width. Business owners love that we offer canopies for all varieties of events like trade shows, outdoor events, indoor expos, festivals, and so much more. Whatever your canopy needs may be, Impact Canopy has you covered.

If you are in need of a high quality custom canopy tent for all your event needs, get in touch with the experts at Impact Canopy. We have served countless industries since we started in 1999, and have since expanded our business to offer custom tables, chairs, inflatables, fencing, accessories, and many other custom canopy structures. To view our full inventory of custom canopy structures, visit our online store today! We make it easy for customers to personalize their custom promotional tents, and are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your order. Visit us online or contact us today to get started!

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