If you have ever attended a large-scale event, you may have noticed custom-printed canopy tents and flags. In fact, it may seem that every structure at your event of choice features unique graphic designs. You may even notice that the fencing located around the event sports a company logo or slogan. Custom fencing is unique when compared to other promotional structures, as it can act as a method of crowd control, improve security measures, and prevent non-paying customers from entering a restricted area. The versatility that custom fencing offers makes it an effective method for advertising while also serving a practical purpose. For this reason, we’ve made a list of some of the top events that could benefit from utilizing custom fencing.

Impact Canopy is the leading provider of custom canopy tents, flags, banners, domes, fencing, and so much more. Having worked with a number of major brands around the world, we have the proper tools required to turn your dream promotional structure into a reality. Not only do we offer the highest quality pop-up tents and promotional structures, we even provide all prospective customers with a custom price quote in as little as 24 hours. If you would like to learn more about some of the best events for using promotional fencing, read more on the subject below.

Softball or Baseball Games

While professional softball and baseball players compete in a stadium that is equipped with permanent fencing, there are many charity softball events that often use temporary fencing to set boundaries in the outfield. Since spectators of softball and baseball games are seated behind home plate, they are often looking directly towards the outfield. This creates a great opportunity for brands to display their logo by using custom designed promotional fencing throughout the entire outfield.

In fact, many permanent fences in professional stadiums also display business names, company logos, or catchy company slogans. Yankee Stadium, one of the most popular professional baseball stadiums in the country, is chock full of fencing advertisements from top-paying brands. While you may not be able to afford placing your logo in a professional stadium, advertising your company’s business at a local baseball or softball game is a great way to raise awareness of your brand without resorting to generic methods of advertisement.

Privately Hosted Events

As we previously mentioned above, promotional fencing can effectively act as a barrier between invited guests and unwanted strangers. If your privately hosted event includes complimentary food and drinks after paying an entrance fee, there is even more reason for wanting to keep non-paying individuals from entering your event.

Not only does promotional fencing deter passersby from entering your private event, it also acts as free advertising if your event is located near a populated walkway or road. Depending on the size and popularity of your event, your promotional fencing can even cause people passing by to spread your brand’s name through word-of-mouth advertising. This is a great way to increase your brand recognition while controlling who is allowed to enter your event. Best of all, your custom-printed fencing can be reused at future events, and will end up paying for itself through continued use.

Motocross Events

If you have ever attended a motocross event, you have probably witnessed riders flying through the air with their high-performance dirt bikes. From incredible heart-racing speeds to unbelievable tricks and maneuvers, there is an ample amount of spectacle that satiates one’s need to witness dangerous competition. While there is a clearly defined race track for motocross competitors to follow, it is usually outlined with brightly colored fencing that is host to a number of event sponsors.

Motocross competitions are the perfect events for displaying your brand on custom-printed fencing. Not only does fencing help motocross riders determine when a sudden turn is approaching, it also acts as a barrier between competitors and spectators. Fan safety is one of the main concerns at motocross events, and promotional fencing can provide a sufficient amount of safety to fans by keeping riders contained in a limited area. By using promotional fencing at your next motocross event, you will not only help outline the course for riders, but you will also keep fans safe from experiencing any dangerous motorcycle accidents that may arise.

Race Tracks

Race tracks are some of the most popular locations for advertising, as cars race against each other in a circular motion causing spectators to continuously follow the action. The walls of race tracks are perfect for displaying your brand because they are able to easily catch the attention of spectators.

Impact Canopy’s Enviro Fencing is designed to be hung around race tracks and other competitive events and can even be printed on bright colors to increase the likelihood of passerby taking notice of your brand.

These are just a few of the events that can benefit from the use of a promotional fence. The reusability and practicality of our custom-printed fences make them a cost-effective purchase that can easily add value to your brand.

If you are considering purchasing promotional fencing for your next event and would like to learn more about our offered fencing, visit our website today! Since 1999, we have produced the highest quality custom pop-up canopies, banners, and domes. Our longstanding knowledge allows us to produce a product of quality that simply cannot be matched by our competitors. Receive your promotional fencing price quote today by submitting a quote request using our website.

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