Summer is a great time for outdoor art festivals, and if you’re someone who regularly exhibits at these shows, then you know the importance of displaying your work in the best way possible. You may specialize in painting, sculpture, or another medium, and as you’re setting up your booth, you want to make sure people can see and access your work. However, if you’re constantly battling the wind as you’re setting up your paintings and drawings, or you’re worried that it’s going to rain, then a custom canopy can be the perfect investment.

At Impact Canopy, we can help you find the right option for your upcoming outdoor art shows. With the right tent or covering, you can protect your work and give people a dry place in which to view your pieces!


Sun and Wind

Two things that can greatly affect your artwork when displayed outside are sun and wind. Paintings that are exposed to UV rays can suffer sun damage and begin to fade, even after a short period of time. You also don’t want oil paintings to heat up too much, so keeping them in the shade is a must.

As for wind, it can be your worst enemy when it comes to lightweight artwork such as pencil drawings. You may want to display your sketches, but if they’re constantly blowing off the table or the easel, then you’ll have to clamp them down in some way, which can compromise the integrity of the paper. Putting up a canopy tent can protect your work from sun and wind, and help you have a more enjoyable show.

Rainy Days

Summer weather is usually sunny and nice, but there’s always the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm or rainshower. Since the art show is outside, it’s important to plan for any type of weather, and if your work is out in the open, then there’s a good chance it’s going to get wet, should the rain start to fall. The last thing you want is for something you spent days and hours creating getting ruined during a 10-minute downpour.

With the right canopy cover, you can keep the rain away and provide a dry spot for your work. You can also find canopy gutters in our online store, which will help you direct rainwater away from your booth and keep the entrance dry and accessible.

Find Your Canopy Today

If you’re scheduled to participate in several outdoor art shows this summer, then look through our catalog today to find the perfect custom canopy. You can choose a color that suits your tastes, and if you have a business logo or brand name, then you can have your canopy custom-printed for the ultimate in personalization. This can make it easier for people to pick your booth out of the row of tents, and customization always helps your brand stick in people’s minds.

At Impact Canopy, we’re dedicated to helping every customer find the right products. If you’re an artist or craftsman, then we’d love to provide you with a new canopy tent.

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