With summer approaching, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors. Whether we have sporting events, hitting the beach, or a day at the park, there is one thing they all have in common. Much needed shade from the harsh summer sun. With that on our minds, there comes a question – is a black or white canopy top cooler?

Impact Canopies - Which is Cooler


Science tells us that the color black absorbs and white reflects. The immediate response would, of course, be a white canopy for most. It is actually the contrary.  Although it is true that the black fabric is certainly going to be hotter to the touch, ultimately this does not translate to the under-canopy temperatures.

Have you ever held a black piece of paper up to a light next to a white piece of paper? If you did, you would notice you can see more light through the white piece of paper than the black. This is true for canopy tops as well. Since the black canopy absorbs the Infrared radiation (IR), it provides a darker shade to the users, which equates to cooler temperatures.

Additional benefits of the darker shade, screen visibility increases as well.

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