While trade shows are a fun way to generate interest in your business, if you come unprepared, it may end up being a waste of your time and resources. Many businesses think that it is as easy as setting up their stand and waiting for attendees to come to them, but there is a way to approach trade shows that will be substantially more effective. Read this blog for tips on how to dominate your next trade show.

Get their attention

More than anything, your stand should attract the attention of attendees. That doesn’t mean that you need to be flashy; in fact, that can backfire against you if people feel too intimidated to approach your booth. Instead, invest in a high-quality custom canopy tent emblazoned with your logo and branding using high-quality fabrics and ink. That way, it will be very apparent who you are and what you do. At Impact Canopy, we provide branding solutions for trade shows that include custom tents, signs, banners, and inflatables. Whichever product you decide to use, make sure it represents your brand in an eye-catching way that makes it clear who you are and what you do.

Take an interest

It might surprise you to learn that a common mistake that exhibitors make during trade shows is ignoring attendees. People are less likely to approach your booth if you look otherwise occupied or disinterested. When trade show attendees pass by, make a point to acknowledge them, even if it is only a head nod. If you are busy with another customer and another attendee approaches, simply tell them that you will be right with them. Keep in mind that people like to buy things from people who really seem to care.

…but don’t suffocate them

That being said, be considerate as well. Do not immediately leap into a sales pitch when someone approaches you; this will scare them off. Additionally, don’t try to give them a long-winded speech about why they should patronize your business. Instead, make small talk to assess how interested they are in engaging. If they are not responding with much enthusiasm, back off.

Don’t under-staff your booth

You may want to leave most of your staff back at your brick-and-mortar store while you go to a trade show, but make sure you bring an appropriate number of people to work your booth. If your booth is understaffed, potential customers aren’t going to wait around too long for things to calm down; after all, they are surrounded by other booths full of business owners eager to help them. It is better to have too many workers than too few. Bring as many employees as you can afford. If this is a limited number, see if a friend or family member is willing to volunteer to help in exchange for a free lunch. Scrounge up all the help you can to best match the number of attendees.

Have fun

Of course you want to be professional, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. You will be much more approachable in the eyes of attendees if you seem to be enjoying yourself. One way to accomplish this is to set up a game like a prize wheel, counting game, contest, or trivia. Also feel free to crack a couple of appropriate jokes, but keep your audience in mind. While some attendees may be receptive, keep in mind that some people aren’t interested in joking around. Read your customer first.

Bring chairs

At trade shows, attendees will be up and on their feet all day, running around to different booths. Why not make your booth an oasis for them by bringing a couple of chairs? This will allow them to have a seat and take a rest while they hear about your business. The attendees will appreciate how considerate you are, and will be more likely to want to give you business. At Impact Canopy, we can even provide you with custom-printed director’s chairs that fit your branding.

Do you need a custom canopy for your next trade show? Shop Impact Canopy today! We provide a variety of branding solutions that are perfect for trade shows, including custom flags, banners, inflatables, and pop-up tents. Contact us to learn more!

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