Opening a new business can be both exciting and stressful, and one of the biggest hurdles any owner has to face is marketing that business. You may have built a great website, and your business cards are ready to go, but what about marketing to people who will drive or walk by your new location? At Impact Canopy, we can help you find the perfect custom outdoor flags that will attract attention and let people know that you’re there!



Taking Over an Empty Storefront

For many small businesses, especially local retail stores and boutiques, finding the right space can be another huge challenge. If you’ve taken over an empty storefront that sits on your town’s main street, then it’s imperative to let people know that you’re open. Citizens may have grown accustomed to that spot sitting empty for so long that they don’t take any notice when they pass by on their way to or from where they’re going.

With well-placed promotional flags, you can advertise your grand opening, a big sale, or simply your business name. The bright colors and the movement of the flags will catch people’s attention, and while not everyone will stop in the first time, they will know that the storefront is no longer empty.

New to Town

Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new town to open your business, or you’re opening a second location in a new community. Whatever the case may be, if people aren’t familiar with your brand, then it’s a good idea to put up outdoor flags so potential customers can find you. You may be moving into a recently opened strip mall or shopping center, and you’re going to be competing with several other businesses for people’s attention. Well-made, attractive flags can be powerful marketing tools that don’t take up too much space, and you’ll be able to stand out among all the other new businesses around you.

New flags can also help spread the word about your brand, especially if they have your logo printed on them. People will take notice and talk about your store, and hopefully business will start to increase as the weeks go by.

Turning Old into New

For any business owner who has purchased an old company and plans to rebrand or reinvent it, then marketing is key. People are likely familiar with the old brand, and any change or facelift can sometimes throw consumers for a loop. If you’ll be offering the same services or products, but with a new twist, then showcase those on your outdoor signage and flags. If you’re keeping the company name but updating the logo, then have the new look printed on every flag. Customers will recognize the business name and want to know what the updated look is all about!

Shop Online Today

At Impact Canopy, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect custom flags. When you shop in our online store, you can find a number of options that can help you market your new business, and we know that with the right design and the right placement, you’ll attract customers in no time at all.

We look forward to helping your new business grow!

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