Summer is in full swing around the country, and with the warmer weather comes pool parties outdoor festivals, and one of our favorite things — food truck season! The various food trucks and carts in your area are beginning to appear on corners and at street festivals, and you can’t wait to try your favorites, as well as something new. However, if you own a food truck, then this time of year is likely the busiest season for you, and it’s important to promote your business in new and exciting ways. At Impact Canopy, we can help you find the perfect custom flags for your truck or cart.


Eye-Catching Colors

If you’re the only food truck in town, then it shouldn’t be too hard for people find you. You likely post where you’re going to be on your website or on social media, and customers flock to order from you. You might set up near a brewery or a busy park, but what about when there are tons of trucks and carts at a street festival or a food truck rally?

With your new flags, you can have eye-catching colors that match your business and advertise what you’re offering. You can mount these flags on the sidewalk, on top of your truck, or anywhere you know that people will be sure to see them.

What Should Your Flags Say?

While this may seem like a simple question, it may turn out to be a harder decision than you originally thought. If people are familiar with your business, then putting your name and logo on the flags could be the best way to go. However, if you’re a new food truck in town, then it might be better to advertise what type of food you offer. Putting “GYROS” on your flags can attract people who are in the mood for tzatziki sauce, and “BRATS” will bring people from the brewery or beer garden who suddenly realized they were hungry.

Promoting Your New Brand

If you’ve had a food truck for a few years, and you’re updating your brand, then flags can be the perfect way to promote your new look. Since you’re a mobile business, it doesn’t always make sense to create big signs, since you don’t have a lot of space to display them. Flags can easily be stored when you’re between events or while you’re driving down the road to the next spot. Flags are easy to see, and people will soon come to recognize your new brand and where you’re set up during the next event.

Design Your Custom Flags Today

Summer will likely fly by, as it usually does, but if you’re getting ready for your busy time of year as a food truck vendor, then design your custom flags with Impact Canopy today. We offer quality products that can withstand wind and weather, and we know that you’ll love how great the finished products look. Browse through our catalog, and please let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to helping you!

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