When businesses begin to search for physical advertising methods, they often tend to overlook the effectiveness of alternative ways to generate buzz for their brand. Sure, traditional signs and banners aid in the exposure of your brand, but what if there was an eye-catching, modernized take on the conventional billboard? At Impact Canopies, we offer several alternatives to run-of-the-mill advertising techniques, such as our brand-specific, customizable flags.

Custom promotional flags from Impact Canopies are available in various designs and colors, offering the finest in physical display advertising. Not only are our custom flags truly unique, they’re also reusable for every future event you attend! If you’re looking to increase your brand exposure using unorthodox advertising techniques, consider Impact Canopies’ highly-effective, reusable promotional flags.

Sky Walker Flag

While many flags remain in a stationary position, providing a call to action to individuals passing by, the Sky Walker Flag from Impact Canopies allows your brand exposure to go mobile. The Sky Walker Flag’s unique design allows you to easily attach your flag to our custom backpack, which offers two side pockets so that you may keep flyers, business cards, and brochures on-hand for easy distribution. As with most of our flags, the Sky Walker Flag is available in two different styles for your convenience. Change your approach to how you advertise with Impact Canopies’ Sky Walker Flag.

Sky Walker Flag Features

  • Both blade and sky styles available
  • Effective mobile advertising
  • Allows for double-sided printing

Sky Flag

Looking to make your brand stand out amongst your competition? Choose the Sky Flag from Impact Canopies. Our Sky Flags rise to any occasion with various sizes ranging from eight to 12 feet, making it the perfect promo flag for both indoor and outdoor events. While the Sky Flag is large in size, it can easily be assembled in under five minutes. If you’re looking for a custom flag that can be easily set up and used for any event, the adaptable Sky Flag is an excellent choice to add to your promotional arsenal.

Sky Flag Features

  • Available in three different sizes
  • Wind resistance from cutting-edge technology
  • Allows for double-sided printing

Wing Flag

If you’re searching for a promo flag with all-around use, custom design capabilities, and various sizes to choose from, the Wing Flag from Impact Canopies is your all-in-one solution. Our smaller Wing Flags are excellent for increasing your company’s exposure during indoor events, while the Wing Flag’s largest style soars up to nearly twenty feet in height! With easy installation and upkeep, as well as single and double-sided print capabilities, the Wing Flag is as versatile as it is customizable.

Wing Flag Features

  • Oversized options for outdoor events
  • Easy setup and teardown
  • Flags available as freestanding or attachable

Grow Your Brand’s Presence Today with Impact Canopies

Though we’ve listed just a few of our custom flag options, the design variations and custom offerings are endless at Impact Canopies. If you’re unsure how to effectively market your business to potential customers, contact Impact Canopies today. Our helpful staff is here to answer any questions or inquiries you may have to better assist you and improve your purchasing experience.

To learn more, or to view our full inventory of flags we offer, visit our flags page on our website! We provide prospective customers with a free, personalized proposal on any and all of our products. Receive your very own personalized proposal with a few simple clicks by filling out our request for a quote today.

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