Spring has finally sprung! That means flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up, and everyone is ramping up for their spring cleaning. While you are dusting off the cobwebs and throwing out things you no longer need, maybe it’s time to dump your old marketing strategies and implement some new ones! In particular, if you haven’t updated your signage for your business, there is a great opportunity to breathe fresh life into your marketing this spring. In this blog, we will go over a few ways you could spring clean your marketing.

Update Your Outdoor Signs

As it starts getting warmer out, your business will see more foot traffic by your storefront. This is a great opportunity to revive interest in your product or services with outdoor signage. Check your current sign inventory and see how they are holding up. If they are faded, damaged, or dated, it is time to chuck them for something new. At Impact Canopy, we offer a variety of custom flags and banners that will better suit your new marketing campaign. Order one of our branding solutions and benefit from their vivid color and crisp printing. Make sure the information you print is relevant to your current sales or services.

Switch Up Your Logo

Spring cleaning is when you go through and get rid of what is no longer necessary; why not do the same for your logo? While your logo may still suit your needs, spring is a great time to switch things up. If you are looking to brush off the dust on the image of your business, a new logo is a great way to get your customers talking about you again. Redesign your logo and share it on social media, print it on flyers, and get a custom flag or banner with it so you can hang it outside for all of the fresh foot traffic to see.

Show Your True Colors

With spring comes vibrantly colored flowers and foliage, pulling everyone out of the gray and dreary winter months. This spring, your signage should reflect this wonderful change. Switch up your signs by printing them anew with vivid spring colors. These colors will put your potential customers in a good mood, making them more in the mood to buy your product or service, so an easy way to increase your chances of making a sale is to add a pop of color.

Choose a Theme

A great way to renew interest in your marketing is to come up with a clever, spring-themed campaign for the coming months. Your customers will notice the new theme for your campaign and be intrigued to see the change. Whether you play on the idea of renewal and rebirth, Easter, or the rainy days of April, incorporate a fun spring-themed message into your marketing campaign and see a new spark of interest in your business.

Whether you are looking for custom flags, banners, canopies, inflatables, or other branding solutions, shop Impact Canopy. We offer a variety of ways to spring clean your marketing! Check them out today.

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