When you invest in a custom tent from Impact Canopy, you are ready to sell your products at any event in an attention-grabbing, distinctive way. However, whether you are setting up at a farmers’ market, an expo, or a sporting event, you will want to optimized your tent with accessories. Here are some of the accessories you should consider adding to your custom tent from Impact Canopy.


If you are using your custom tent at an outdoor event, footplates are absolutely essential. Weather is unpredictable, and you never know if a strong wind is going to pick up and blow your tent over. To ensure that your custom tent from Impact Canopy never falls, install footplates.

Product information

Having information about your product prominently displayed is not only more visually appealing, it gives your customers all of the pertinent information they need, making it is easier to shop from you. Many passersby won’t stop to ask further about your products; having that information prominently displayed grabs their attention so they know it is worth stopping at your stand. Consider using a custom banner from Impact Canopy in front of your tent to list all the important information about your products so customers can be better informed.


Installing heaters in your tent is a great way to make your business successful all year round. During chillier days and through the winter months, you (and your customers) will be grateful for heaters in your tent.


Installing lighting in your tent is another way to allow you to keep your business open for longer. Lights will help illuminate your products, regardless of the time of day.


At Impact Canopy, we also provide custom flags for businesses. Adding a flag or two on either side of your custom tent will attract even more attention to your stand. This is a particularly good idea for large events where it will be hard to compete for business.


When you want a sleeker, more complete aesthetic to your tent, add flooring. This will give your tent the feel of a brick-and-mortar store and add an extra touch of class.

Table and cover

Adding a table or bar to your tent is a great way to display your products and make your tent more convenient for your customers. Additionally, adding a cover to your table gives you extra storage space without letting customers see your clutter, making your tent more aesthetically pleasing.

LED lights

When you want to really add some pizzazz to your tent, consider installing LED lights to the roof or wall of your tent. These lights will grab the attention of potential customers and attract them into your custom tent.

At Impact Canopy, we want to help you to promote your brand and business in the best way possible. When you are taking your business on the road, a custom tent, flag, or banner can make you stand out from the crowd. Learn more about our custom branding solutions today.

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