When you are looking to promote your business and brand, there are fewer more advantageous places than at a sporting event. Whether you are a protein bar company giving out samples at a triathlon or a restaurant advertising at a college soccer game, a sporting event can be the perfect venue to get your product out there. Fortunately, Impact Canopy carries the perfect custom pop up tents, flags, banners, inflatables, and more that you need to make an impression at a sporting event. Here are just some of the benefits of advertising your business at sporting events.

Capture attention

Sporting events are a great place to advertise because they come with an engaged and captivated audience. Everyone there is paying attention to the arena, which makes it the ideal place for a banner or flag advertising your business. With an engaged audience, your brand is more likely to be remembered.

Create brand loyalty

When you are looking for brand loyalty, there is no better demographic to go after than sports fans. Sports fanatics and athletes are already in the mindset to be loyal to their favorite star athletes and teams. If you make the association between your brand and their favorite sport, they are more likely to remain loyal to your product or service.

Establish credibility

As an advertiser at their favorite sports team’s event, you instantly have more credibility in the mind of the consumer. By making the association between you and their favorite team, fans feel they are helping their team by doing business with you. Using the good reputation of a team is a great way to establish a great reputation for yourself.

Cash in on impulse purchases

Selling your product in a stand at a sporting event can be a great way to generate business. When people are at large events, they are naturally more inclined towards impulse purchases. Use this impulse purchase as an opportunity to introduce your product to new customers.

When you are looking for a branding solution, Impact Canopy can help. We have custom pop-up tents, canopies, flags, and more that will make your brand stand out at the next sporting event. Shop today!

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