As more people become informed about the health and environmental benefits of eating local foods, farmers markets are becoming increasingly more popular. Therefore, now is the perfect time to start selling your produce at a farmers market. However, before you jump right in, here are some tips to ensure maximum success for your farmers market stand.


Before you commit to a farmers market, be sure to research the market there first. Visit several times and take in the culture. Are shoppers just quickly picking up their weekly produce, or are they meandering and taking their time? What sort of stands are there? Is there room for more? Is there anyone who already sells your products? Talk to other vendors about their experiences at the farmers market to get a feel for whether your stand will fit in or not. Also be sure to learn all of the rules of the farmers market before you commit to any. Some farmers markets have rules about what you can and cannot sell.

Test it first

Before you commit to a regular stand at a farmers market, try testing it out first. Many farmers markets will allow you to sell your products as a daily vendor. Going through this trial run will give you a better idea of the market you are working with, and whether the farmers market is the right location for your products.

Find a niche

Now that you have tested out your stand, identify what your speciality will be. What makes you different from the other vendors at the farmers market? Many farmers market vendors specialize in one product. For example, you might choose to highlight your delicious green tomatoes by selling them with a recipe for fried green tomatoes. This will make you stand out from the other farmers who are just selling plain old red tomatoes.

Get a custom canopy tent

If you want to make an impression, there is no better way than with a custom canopy tent from Impact Canopy. We can create a canopy tent that is printed with crisp, vivid colors, and uniquely customized to your branding. Having a distinctive stand catches customers’ attention and generates more sales for your business.

Get organized

You will thank yourself later if you get organized now. Create a list of everything you will need to bring with you to the farmers market, and double check it for the easily forgettable items, like coins to make change. Then when you are packing up your car, triple check the list. Being organized will take a lot of stress out of the situation.

Engage with people

The best way to get repeat customers is to form relationships with them. Tell them information about your farm, and give them recipes and tips about how to best consume your goods. This will establish a good reputation for your business, and keep customers coming back to your stand regularly.

When you are ready to make your stand the talk of the farmers market, contact Impact Canopy today. We have everything you need to make an impression on potential customers. Shop today!

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