Attending an expo as an exhibitor is a great opportunity for your business. You are connecting with people who are interested in the products and services that you have to offer; that’s why they are at the show. You get to show off the latest and greatest for your business and bring in more new business to build that all-important bottom line. While expos can be exhilarating and great for your company, they can also be super stressful. We’ve been making custom tents for businesses attending indoor and outdoor expos since 1999. During the last 18 years, we’ve learned a lot about attending expos and have some suggestions that might make this year’s expo excursions less stressful and more profitable for your business.

Eliminate the Stress…

Create an expo-only kit.

One of the most stressful parts of attending an expo happens before you ever get there: the packing process. Making sure you have all the marketing materials you need is one thing. Having all the extra incidental items you need is a whole other issue. Remembering to grab things like pens, rubber bands, business cards, and bottled water is going to be low on your list of to-do’s until you get to the expo and those items become very vital suddenly. To eliminate the packing stress and panic during the event, create an expo-only kit. Stock it with everything you need for an expo and don’t allow anyone to use those items outside of the expo environment (that way they won’t get lost or taken out without your knowledge). Then you can grab the kit and get out the door!

Have a set up that you are proud to show off.

An expo is a lot less stressful when you are excited to show the world your business. Part of that is going to involve having an amazing expo display. Items like custom tents, canopies, arches and other displays can set your space apart and get people excited to learn more about your business. Invest in high-quality custom displays like the ones from Impact Canopy. You’ll be able to use them for years to come, making them a safe and smart investment of your marketing budget. Plus, they’ll look incredible when everything is set up, which can excite your team and make them even more eager to speak to potential customers.

Take care of yourself, too.

Expos are a lot of work! Make sure that you are caring for yourself, too. Drink plenty of water, take down time when you can, and treat yourself to a nice dinner instead of living off of junk food the entire time. Your body will thank you for it later on. Your expo will probably go a lot smoother, too, even if you have to miss a party or meeting or two. That’s because you’ll be more effective when you are well-rested and be able to focus on introducing your products instead of thinking about how tired and run down you feel.

All of these things can result in a less stressful expo experience that results in more new business for your company! We can help you create a display that you can’t wait to show off. Contact our team today to start the design process for your new expo display.

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